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掌握未來的Akamai API Security (Neosec)



為應對這一挑戰,Akamai 近期宣布推出Akamai API security (Neosec) 保護。旨在保護企業免受 OWASP API Top 10 安全風險的侵害。此方案提供了一整套強大的工具,幫助您發現、檢測和回應各種 API 安全性漏洞,包括損壞的授權、身份驗證問題、安全配置錯誤等。

  • 全面保護:此解決方案覆蓋全球,確保您的應用程式和 API 在任何地點都得到安全保護。

  • 即時回應:一旦檢測到潛在的威脅,我們能夠立即採取行動,阻止攻擊並保護您的資料。

  • 與 App & API Protector 集成:Akamai 的 API 安全解決方案與我們廣受歡迎的 Web 應用程式和 API 保護產品(App & API Protector)集成,提供綜合的安全性,包括可見性、行為分析和攻擊防護。


API Security Upgrade: Embrace the Future with Akamai API Security (Neosec)

In today's digital era, APIs (Application Programming Interfaces) have become the standard for building and connecting modern applications. With the prevalence of microservices architecture, the importance of APIs continues to grow. When organizations have a multitude of APIs, they may face the challenge of API sprawl, making it difficult to track the location and operations of APIs, thereby increasing security risks, as they become targets for malicious attackers.


To address this challenge, Akamai recently announced the launch of Akamai API Security (Neosec) protection. It aims to safeguard enterprises from the threats posed by OWASP API Top 10 security risks. This solution provides a comprehensive set of robust tools to help you discover, detect, and respond to various API security vulnerabilities, including compromised authorization, authentication issues, security configuration errors, and more.


  • Comprehensive Protection: This solution offers global coverage, ensuring the security of your applications and APIs in any location.

  • Real-time Response: Upon detecting potential threats, we can take immediate action to thwart attacks and protect your data.

  • Integration with App & API Protector: Akamai's API Security solution integrates with our popular Web Application and API protection product (App & API Protector), providing comprehensive security, including visibility, behavioral analysis, and attack prevention.

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