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我們很高興暨獲得Cloudflare 2022年度唯一雙料殊榮:【APJC技術卓越獎】與【年度MVP獎】之後,再次受到企業客戶的認可。這些獎項的獲得,不僅象徵著歐米英泰在數位安全領域邁出的重要一步,更傳達了企業客戶對歐米英泰團隊在技術與服務的高度肯定。


Last week, Omni Intelligent Services was honored with two prestigious awards by Cloudflare in the APJC regions: the "Highest Total Quantity of Closed Won" award and the "Highest Accumulative Annual Contract Value" award!🎉🎉🎉

We are thrilled to receive these accolades from Cloudflare, following our dual recognition as the 2022 APJC Technical Excellence Award and the Annual MVP Award. It is another testament to the continued recognition and support from our corporate clients.

These awards not only symbolize a significant milestone for Omni Intelligent Services in the field of digital security but also convey the high appreciation of our technical expertise and services by our corporate clients.

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