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歐米英泰 總經理 Janice Wang 上月受邀參與 美國在台協會(AIT)所舉辦的「美國網路安全商業發展團」晚宴。商業發展團距離上一次抵台參訪已多年,這次他們拜訪了各個相關的政府要部,以及守護資安領域的企業、還有台灣人才重地的清華大學。








📌【 Cybersecurity is national security. 】

Janice Wang, the General Manager of Omni Intelligent, was invited to attend the "U.S. Cybersecurity Business Development Delegation" dinner organized by the American Institute in Taiwan (AIT) last month. It had been several years since the business development delegation last visited Taiwan, and this time, they visited various relevant government agencies, cybersecurity-focused companies, and the talent hub of Taiwan, Tsinghua University.


The experience of attending this dinner was extremely important for us. We had the opportunity to hear firsthand about the mutual interest of both countries in cybersecurity within public policy and a strong emphasis on cybersecurity landscape. This suggests that in the future, it will contribute to strengthening Taiwan's cybersecurity strategy and protective tools.


Cybersecurity has become an indispensable and crucial issue in today's digital age, impacting national security, businesses, and individuals alike. Through our participation in this exchange, we gained a deeper understanding of the challenges in the field of cybersecurity and explored innovative solutions to protect our digital world from threats and attacks.


The Omni Intelligent team continues to work diligently to prevent cyberattacks! The team is on standby at all times, monitoring around the clock to thwart any form of network attack and threat, ensuring that your business operations take place in the safest environment.

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